Kristina Kjær. Born 1988, lives and works in Aarhus, DK.

I received my education at VIA Teko Design & Business in Herning, DK. 

My curiosity keeps pushing me forward in my search for new and exiting ways to use material, techniques and details. The inspiration for my design is reflections of everyday-life and a passion for simple and honest design solutions. I appreciate using natural and sustainable materials when creating new designs. 

I am passionate about creating meaningful solutions using a strategic design approach and creative methods for all kinds of challenges.

I primarily work in furniture - and product design,  but I am open to all kinds of work - big or small scale.



15 Resilience - Future Resources, Future Living, Ventura Lambrate, Milan

15 Simple: The New Simplicity, Vorarlberg, Graz, Salzburg & Wien

14 Play Nordic at the Royal Danish Embassy, Berlin

14 Stockholm Furniture Fair 

13 Designers Saturday, Oslo

13 Design Monat Graz: Selected It's just design

13 Stockholm Furniture Fair

12 Stockholm Furniture Fair



15 Menu - collaboration on Rain textile series

15 New Works - collaboration on Balance candleholders

14 Bolia - collaboration on Tower Lights candleholders

13 Bestseller - Decorator

13 Design Circus - Intern

13 Bolia - collaboration on Vilfred desk

12 HolmbäckNordentoft - Intern

11 Neon Living - collaboration on Birdstick storage unit

11 Krads Architecture - Intern



14 Den Danske Eksportskoles Fonds Legat

12 Bolia Design Award 2012 - 2nd prize, DK



14 MA in Design Management - Design School Kolding/University of Southern Denmark

14 Cabinetmaker course - Syddansk Erhvervsskole

13 PBA Furniture Design - TEKO Design & Business

11 Design Technologist - TEKO Design & Business

07 Vejen Gymnasium